December 23, 2017

I added the word 'Blockchain' to my Twitter Profile

I added the word Blockchain’ to my Twitter Profile

Since blockchain is all the rage now, I changed my Twitter Profile from Thomas Ott’ to Thomas Ott Blockchain’. Here’s how to looks. I wonder if my Twitter account will see a 10% or greater increase in subscribers.


I think I started a trend because @howardlindzon changed it too.

This is completely stupid and it shows the market is in a frenzy. Complete frenzy. People piling into coins that even I don’t understand. I get that, it’s FOMO. Companies are changing their names too or mentioning their looking into blockchain. All to get a bump in share price and feel relevant again.

While everyone is piling into cyrptos willy nilly, I’m watching the Bitcoin Crash of December 2017 and turning off the screen. I have Christmas presents to wrap.


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