May 9, 2016

Film for Street Photography

Film for Street Photography

I spent the last 6 months just shooting film and not developing it. I squirrelled it away in a bag and just let it marinate. I wanted to look at my images objectively without falling victim to immediate gratification of digital images.

I had a few keepers in a myriad of 35mm and 120 film rolls but what I learned the most out of this is two things:

  1. The keeper rate for shooting film for street photography is ridiculously low
  2. Shooting film keeps getting more expensive

The non-street shots (portraits) were the highest keepers and they were mostly of my family and kids. That makes me biased but I’m ok with that.

The moral of the story is that I’m going to stop shooting film for street photography and switch to my little Ricoh GRD again. For portraits or stuff I want to turn into art,” I’ll take out the film camera.

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