December 21, 2017

Crypto Currencies go nuts

Crypto Currencies go nuts

Full disclosure: I have positions in XRP, BCH, and ETH.

I have never seen such a pure speculation play. It’s like the Dot Com and Real Estate boom years all over again. Is it a bubble? You freaking bet. Will it be over soon? Hard to tell.

My thoughts are that it has a LONG way to go, why?

  1. Coins are not being hawked on CNBC or other business news shows yet;
  2. The mass public is scared of them, thinking it’s a scam (probably is);
  3. Lots of smart money (hedge funds, etc) are in them and waiting get out, and;
  4. The avg joe hasn’t opened an account with Coinbase yet.

Just look at XRP (Ripple). I got in at $0.73 yesterday. Zinged up over $1.00 on some exchanges overnight. Unreal, BUT I do like this technology. I think he can go to $10 in the near future.

Cyrpto Currencies

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